How Fulvic Works

What is fulvic acid?

Fulvic acid is a low molecular weight, organic molecule with extremely high cation exchange capacity.  It exists naturally in healthy soils.

Due to leaching and intensive farming or soil use, it is now rarely present in sufficient concentrations.

Understanding the importance of the natural presence of fulvic acid helps to understand its crucial role in mineral and nutrient uptake.  Fulvic acid is known to increase the permeability of plant membranes, allowing it to deliver nutrients to the inside of the cell itself.


What is special about the fulvic acid in Fulvic Link?

The fulvic acid in Fulvic Link is extracted via a selective process that isolates and concentrates the most highly charged fulvic structures, those with the highest cation exchange capacity (CEC). ​This extremely high CEC enables Fulvic Link to bind with and transport many times its own weight in trace minerals and nutrients.

The low molecular weight of Fulvic Link also allows the plant to uptake nutrients more easily. After entering the plant, smaller molecules are highly effective at translocating nutrients to where they are utilised.   This offers the plant a growth rate advantage and greater resistance to common stressors.

The capacity to bind with nutrients, coupled with the efficiency of the delivery mechanism that allows Fulvic Link to be described as the missing link between nutrients and the plant.

An efficient uptake mechanism reduces leaching of fertilisers and nutrients, leading to less waste and a more balanced soil profile.  Nutrients locked in the soil profile will cease accumulating and be slowly released after each Fulvic Link application.  A balanced soil allows better plant growth via many mechanisms including improved soil structure, moisture retention and drainage, while addressing compaction, saturation, aeration, and supporting healthy microbe populations.  Even in hydroponics, where nutrients are reasonably well available, Fulvic Link offers a growth benefit by increasing the bioavailability of nutrients.

Typically, results are seen as dramatic root stimulation, enhanced growth, yield and a reduction or elimination of nematode damage and greater resistance to drought, disease and insect attack.

Applied as a foliar spray and compatible with regular fertiliser and soil treatments, Fulvic Links stimulates growth.  Independent trial and commercial growth data is available.