Great Product

On the back of our amazing results with the 2015 trial of Fulvic Link’s fulvic acid, we decided we would implement it in to our program. The 2015 trial showed us root mass that we have never seen before. Strong root system is the most important thing for racing, especially with the program we face….there is no doubt the key factor was the addition of Fulvic acid. On average we were able to increase the root mass, depth and density by over 100% from previous years and it also helped our fertilizers work more efficiently. All this contributed in a much fairer racing surface that trainers, jockeys and punters had confidence in. We were able to leave the rail closer to the true, to maximize field sizes and this has been a huge factor in why wagering is up. We have used less seed and fill and saved money on contractors at renovation time. Although these products may seem expensive, they are best practice and the results speak for themselves.