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Frequently Asked Questions

Below are some common questions we receive about our products. If you can't see an answer to your query, please send it to us via the form below. We are always happy to help.

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Fulvic and humic acid are naturally occurring substances found in soil, both acting as chelating agents for nutrients. Fulvic acid has a lower molecular weight, so can permeate plant membranes, allowing them to deliver nutrients inside the plant cell itself. By comparison, humic acid are large molecules making them a fantastic soil conditioner and better for dry broadcast and soil application. Humic and fulvic acids are both essential for healthy plants. Using one without the other short-changes the full spectrum of benefits that the two acids provide. Our Fulvic Link products contains both fulvic and humic acid, making it the strongest and most powerful in our range. The science of fulvic and humic acids is constantly evolving and up until recently, the two acids were lumped together and not tested separately. Due to a lack of industry standardized quantitative analysis, there are some restrictions around fulvic acid in some regions. For example, the states of California and Oregon in he USA do not recognize fulvic acid as its own substance and instead refer to all of these substances under the humic acid umbrella. As a result, we have created a separate product for these regions, Humic Link.
In the USA, there is a lack of standardized quantitative analysis of biostimulants, so some states have different registration requirements for products. Oregon and California both do not recognize fulvic acid as its own substance and instead refer to all of these substances under the humic acid umbrella.
Due intensive soil use and leaching in today's growing environments, fulvic and humic acid substances are rarely present in sufficient concentrations in the soil. As a result, natural and synthetic chelates, such as fulvic and humic acids are routinely added to fertilizers and crops to maxmize nutrient uptake in crops.
Fulvic Link should be applied to plants throughout all stages of growth from seed germination or cloning onwards. Increased sugar or brix levels offers disease and pest resistance as well as tolerance to many other typical stressors. The most obvious benefits will appear when a plant is suffering from disease, poor root systems or other environmental stressors. Benefits will result from increased uptake of previously lost or unavailable nutrients to restore plant health. See our application guide for dosing information.
The optimum dose rate will depend on plant type, conditions, objective and season. For turf and crops, time with regular nutrient applications. Once growth is stimulated applications can usually be reduced. For Hydroponics, maintain dosing in line with nutrient addition is recommended. See our application guide for dosing information.
For turf and crops, the best response is usually seen with initial weekly or fortnightly applications. Once growth is stimulated, monthly applications are typical. For hydroponics, applications should be maintained in line with nutrient addition. Through proper use, customers have seen ‘spring like’ growth enhancement in winter months when development is usually stunted due to lower light, cooler temperatures and waterlogged soils. Excellent growth can continue throughout the year in some climates where this has not previously been possible. See our application guide for dosing information.
Application of Fulvic Link is not recommended during or immediately before rain.
Our products can be used in a variety of growing scenarios: Home Gardens - vegetable gardens, flowers, lawns and fruit trees. Farming - crops of all sizes Commercial turf - horse tracing tracks, football fields, golf courses Hydroponics - vegetables, flowers, cannabis
As Fulvic Link is a naturally occurring organic matter, and the dosages are low, our products are safe to use on fruit and vegetable crops.
Fulvic Link works by increasing bioavailability and reducing loss of applied nutrients, if mixed with these products. To date Fulvic Link use has resulted in no product compatibility issues. To ensure compatibility, it is recommended small test areas be tried before large scale application.
Yes! Even in hydroponics, where nutrients are reasonably well available, Fulvic Link and Humic Link offers a growth benefit by increasing the bioavailability of nutrients.
Product analysis has been undertaken by an independent third party using the Humic Substances Society (IHSS) preferred test method. Independent field trials have been conducted and customers regularly undertake their own trials. All Fulvic Link sales have been results driven. Customers apply Fulvic Link simply because, in their experience, it stimulates and enhances growth.
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