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Fulvic vs Humic

Fulvic and humic substances are naturally occurring substances found in soil, which act as chelating agents for nutrients.

So, what is a chelating agent?

Chelating agents are an important step in restoring soil health. Chelation increases the availability of nutrients to plants. In soil, chelated minerals are absorbed more rapidly by both plant roots and leaves, and this faster nutrient transfer can result in accelerated growth and higher yield.

Once upon a time, healthy soil was rich in organic matter, which resulted in natural chelation. Today, due to leaching and intensive farming and soil use, these substances are now rarely present in sufficient concentrations. So natural and synthetic chelates, such as fulvic and humic acids are routinely added to fertilisers and crops. 

Humic and fulvic acids are the all-stars of soil, an essential component in your routine to make your entire system work better. These powerful biostimulates can be thought of as the roads, bridges, and tunnels that allow for essential exchanges between your plants and the soil. 

Fulvic acid or humic acid, which is the right choice for me?

Fulvic acid is a low molecular weight, organic molecule with extremely high chelation capacity.  Due to its small molecular size, fulvic acid is known to permeate plant membranes, allowing them to deliver nutrients inside the plant cell itself. By comparison, humic acid are large molecules making them a fantastic soil conditioner and better for dry broadcast and soil application. 

Humic and fulvic acids are both essential for healthy plants. Using one without the other short-changes the full spectrum of benefits that the two acids provide. Our Fulvic Link products contains both fulvic and humic acid, making it the strongest and most powerful in our range. 

The science of fulvic and humic acids is constantly evolving and until relatively recently, the two acids were lumped together and not tested separately. Due to a lack of industry standardized quantitative analysis, there are some restrictions around fulvic acid in some regions. For example, the states of California and Oregon in the USA do not recognize fulvic acid as its own substance and instead refer to all of these substances under the humic acid umbrella. As a result, we have created a separate product for these regions, Humic Link. 

Both Fulvic Link and Humic Link will drive amazing results for your grow, improving plant health by:

    • Increasing photosynthesis to allow tightly trimmed greens to flourish
    • Developing root systems to resist the stress of chemical treatments
    • Stabilising and knitting the soil profile with root mass to protect the turf and underlying soil profile from impact, compaction and shear forces