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Growth Trials

Independent product testing by Grozine magazine in B.C. Canada, has shown Fulvic Link to improve germination rate by around 30% and stimulate early emergence, budding and flowering.  Bud and flower measurements consistently show Fulvic Link treated plants to have between 1.5 – 2 times the bud volume and increased plant mass.

Fulvic Link treated plants avoided thrip attack despite being immediately adjacent to the untreated controls plants which all sustained damage. Fulvic Link treated plants were untouched.  Healthier plants are less appealing to insects and resistant to stress (see images below). 

Before and after photos of a plant to show healthier leaves after using Fulvic LInk

Untreated (left), Fulvic Link treated (right)

Before and after shot to show plant bud growth after using Fulvic Link

Advanced early bud development of Dwarf Sunflowers. Testing and photography by Grozine Magazine, British Columbia, Canada.

Bar graph showing sunflower growth measurement after using Fulvic Link

Moonee Valley Racing Club independent trial data:

The results below show the degree of growth improvement from use of Fulvic Link. Where 60% is shown for example, it indicates the corresponding dose rate achieved 60% more root growth than the untreated section.
Each trial plot was repeated in triplicate to verify data integrity.
Dose rate 1 = 1 unit measure
Dose rate 2 = 0.5 units
Dose rate 3 = 0.25 units
Dose rate 4 = 0.18 units
Control = 0 units (no fulvic acid added)

Bar graph showing turf growth improvement for Moonee Valley Racing Club